The Castle Coach

Fionn Grant the life coach and personal development coach for Castle Coaching

Fionn Grant (pronounced Finn) has studied psychology to Masters level, worked in the mental health sector and possesses a vast reserve of global life experience to share with clients.

His coaching style is grounded in a wide array of established psychology techniques and research; from human behaviour to CPTSD, NLP and psychotherapy, Brief Therapy, of practical frameworks like CBT, and with a strong influence of stoicism, philosophy, logic and ways of thinking gleaned from numerous cultures.

Years of travel across foreign lands while helping set a Guinness World Record have gifted him with a great understanding of human interaction, an appreciation for different ways of life and the lessons to be learned from them.

Future proof your life by addressing the following:

Strengthen Your Boundaries castle-life coaching-psychology-strong-boundaries-icon

Would you like to live in a home with no doors or windows allowing anyone to enter? I am guessing not.

So why would your mind be any different? Many people struggle with weak boundaries which means they are too accepting to the terms of others and that is a cause for a lot of unhappiness.

Without a strong mentality you are at the mercy of other people. A classic example is being unable to say ‘No’ when asked to do something. Or a guilt complex.

Your mentality needs to have the qualities of a fortress so the small things do not bother you, and you welcome the important things knowing you can take the challenge. This is an area everyone can improve no matter where they are in life.

Instead of allowing people to raid your castle and steal your energy build up the walls and strengthen your mindset so you have the discipline and will power to decide what enters your world. This work is focused on taking control of your life so it is less controlled by others.

Reduce Anxiety castle-life-coaching-eliminate-anxiety-icon

You wouldn’t be human without anxiety. And it’s difficult to be human with lots of anxiety.

Anxiety comes in different forms; Emotionally triggered by memories; Anxiety over future events; Anxiety in the moment. Even anxiety about not having anxiety! The key is to discover the trigger(s) and then we will work to establish healthy emotional responses and reduce or extinguish the cause of fear.

Silence the Inner Critic  castle-life-coaching-inner-critic-personal-development-icon

The inner critic is the voice within our own mind that is critical of your self, of who you are, of what you look like, of what you do, of what you’ve done.

The inner critic is rarely made of just your own criticisms but is largely based on criticism from others.
The inner critic is your personal terminator that needs to be pacified and rewired to think in a balanced positive way so all the energy spent fighting it can be released and used productively by accepting your self as you are.

Emotional Literacy castle-life-coaching-emotional-literacy-icon

You understand literacy, the ability to read. Emotional literacy is how you understand your own emotions.

Perhaps you’ve been shamed for feeling a certain way or for displaying emotions at all. Being emotionally illiterate is to not experience your emotions as they are which manifests in negative ways physiologically and mentally.

Emotions need to be expressed in order to feel healthy and to make sense of our life.
Sadly, we can easily lose this ability. Rediscover your emotions, feel alive again and find the expressions that have been subdued from your life. Emotions are only a weakness if you cannot control them.

Motivation castle-life-coaching-psychology-motivation-icon

Feeling motivated is a wonderful thing. You feel empowered, energised, full of life and there is a driving force compelling you to do something.

A lack of motivation is very common and often a result of how you think about things.
I work with you to reframe your perspective and find what motivates you and use those motivators to push ahead and achieve in any endeavour.

Procrastination into Action castle-life--coaching-psychology-procrastination-action-icon-1

Do you keep thinking of doing things but never do them?

Procrastination is not a bad thing in itself. It is the thoughts of doing something, the seeds of future action. But! Without the follow through, with no action after the thought – there is nothing.

I help turn your ideas into real life events and action by finding your motivation and changing your perspective on how to approach tasks.
Prioritising, time management, motivation, reward/gratification, self-talk all tie into issues of thinking without doing. I’ll help you find the spark to ignite your ambitions.

Leadership castle-life-coaching-psychology-leadership-icon2

The idea of leadership is to be led or inspired into action, to realise your potential and to then take the lead in your life towards your goals.

Today’s society is extremely lacking in leadership figures of any character and respectability whether family, friends or public figures.

Learning to take responsibility of your actions is key here as well as direction.
We will go through your life as it is and determine what your weak points are and what strengths you have and plan your self-mastery which will benefit you in all areas of life.

Balance castle-life-coaching-psychology-balance-icon

Life as in nature, is all about balance. If you have an imbalance of anything it has created problems in your life even if you are unaware of it.

Too much or too little is rarely ever a good thing. Balance is finding the sweet spot between obsession and indifference. Too much food, drink, work, partying; Too little exercising, relaxing, socialising, stimulation, challenge – none of those are good.

Whether in your personal life or work related, finding balance is not some vague Eastern inspired mystical nonsense.
Balance is a necessity to live well and enjoy each day: I’ll help the scales to align so you can feel healthier and more purposeful.

Define Your Philosophy castle-life-coaching-philosophy-life-icon

Have you ever thought of your personal philosophy?
Of how you approach life? Of how you evaluate your character? Of rules that you live by in keeping with your values?

For ease, let’s call it your personal code. If you don’t have a solidified personal code or haven’t thought much about it don’t worry, it’s not unusual – but I’m certain you have it in a scattered form.

I’ll guide you to creating a philosophy of what is acceptable and what isn’t in your life.
If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything is an old saying which will always hold true. Only by knowing your self and establishing a personal philosophy can you proceed into each new day with real intent.

Extracting Value castle-coaching-personal-development-extracting-value-icon

Do you value your self?

You should. But, I doubt you do enough.
It never fails to amaze me how little regard people have for their own abilities, effort and experience. Part of any well lived life is adopting better practices and discarding the old.
With this focus it is like panning for gold, extracting the value: separating the nuggets from the earth and stones.

In addressing the concept of your value we’ll explore your idea of your self, and separate reality from fiction and imagination, building your self esteem and confidence by defining your self identity and allowing your self worth to shine.
This is about uncovering and often, rediscovering.

Diamond Dialogue Castle coaching life coach the art of clear communication

How would you rate your communication?

What you communicate to others is crucial to life fulfilment. If you ask for a car but you meant a van, you’ll get a car. And you’ll be very annoyed.

Clear communication is the ability to convey your needs without any misunderstanding from the other person(s).

Even more important is how you communicate with your self. Those dialogues in your head: do they make sense? Do they feel authentic to you? Are they positive or negative?

When you have diamond dialogue, emotions do not interfere with the message.

No matter what the situation is you can make yourself understood. We’ll work together to establish your sticking points and work through them so the power of your own thoughts and ideas dominate your actions.

Career Coaching Castle Coaching Career path and options icon for website

The world of work is not straight forward and brings many complexities.

As a baseline work is a way to survive, to make enough money to live and it’s easy to forget that.
At a certain stage people want more from their lives.

Through career coaching we will examine your aspirations and create definition in your career path.
You don’t have to know what you want to do, that’s often part of the process.

We’ll evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, focus on your abilities and what you offer not just on a measurable level, but on a personal level.

Life experience and your personality count for more than you might imagine.
I bring a life coach’s perspective to give you a panorama of your accomplishments so far and what tools you will need for the work ahead.

Dissociation castle-life-coaching-psychology-dissociation-icon2

This is not easy to define. To feel dissociated is to feel as if you are not part of reality and indeed is a healthy and necessary reaction.

Dissociation is usually a response to sustained trauma in which a person detaches from reality but not in a psychotic way. It is actually a necessary defense method, especially for children who are not able to utilise life experiences to contextualise an event or events – so dissociating through imagination, through objects, a game or other activity is a coping mechanism to escape what has happened.

Continued into adulthood however, dissociative patterns can have very undesirable effects. Lack of concentration, lack of direction, apathy, indecision and a tendency to lose focus often mask highly valuable abilities.

The aim is to reduce dissociative episodes and be in charge of your consciousness more, to earth your thoughts in real life and create action instead of reaction, to be mindful.

The Dislocated Chameleon castle-life-coaching-psychology-dissociation-icon

Moving home is one of the biggest stressors in life. To do so repeatedly is highly stressful for adults but especially for children and teenagers.

Did you move schools frequently, from country to country, from place to place when young? Then you will have been affected by the upheaval. Even as an adult moving can be highly challenging.

Learning to adapt and become a chameleon in unfamiliar environments is natural as you don’t have a chance to form long lasting secure friendships or to become part of a community.
To be the outsider multiple times is not easy. It often leads to issues with identity and feeling different in an environment and stage of life when being different is difficult to be.

Without feeling rooted in who we are, without a sense of belonging it can have traumatic effects to be dislocated at an age when the tools to cope are lacking.
We can unlock the benefits of such a lifestyle and also discuss unresolved issues that may remain and place the geosocial changes in context.

Do you have the discipline, commitment and time to improve your self?
If so, keep reading.

Why Castle Coaching?

No matter where you’re at personally, the core of Castle Coaching is about unleashing your confidence, powering your self esteem, and establishing self acceptance.
A starting concept is to picture your mind as a castle, personal to you, and honestly assess how it is right now:

How are your boundaries? Sturdy? Or weak?

What is your inner dialogue like?
Kind? Or overly critical?

Do you feel in charge?
Are people & beliefs trying to sack the castle?

What are the castle laws? Are they serving you well or causing harm?

Is there laughter in the castle?
Or a sense of doom?

Are you at war?
With your self or others?

Are you independent, sovereign?
Can you protect your interests?

Can you run your castle better?
Trick question – kind of! Yes you can.

Even how you envision your metaphorical castle will hold some surprising revelations about how you see your self and others.

Beyond the metaphor, life coaching with Castle Coaching is laser focused on building your confidence and helping you to achieve and push far beyond where you are.

Confidence is built by you.
I’m not here to take any credit, this is about your dedication to a stronger, refined version of your self. And there’s a reason confidence is said to be built – because it is a process. Confidence isn’t a switch, it’s a dial. Nobody wakes up supremely confident. It’s a process.

My role as life coach is to accelerate that process so you experience a better future sooner by utilising my knowledge and studies of psychology, philosophy, cultural insights, and life experience. Without judgement.

Life Coaching Defined

Personal development coach, life coach, guide, mentor – whatever the description, coaching is about your evolution as a person. In essence, at its centre, is the role of guidance which has eroded with modernity.

Recent generations lived in a busy age. We live in a busy age. Perhaps everyone was too busy to be there for a person or they simply weren’t able to transfer their knowledge. Whatever the reason – personal or professional – I’m here as your life coach to actualise your potential and purpose in life, working alongside you to unlock vast reserves of ability.
Helping you to leave limitations – real or imagined – in the dust is what I am passionate about.
The best news is you already have the raw materials you need.

There’s No ‘You’ In Team

And there doesn’t need to be.
We will work as a team, but compromising and sacrificing one’s self is for a separate realm of coaching with different values. Teamwork is good in some areas of life – but not necessarily in the land of personal development and evolution.

You are unique and the coaching will be focused on you and your goals alone. You will be the focus and what you do will change your life and how you think about the world. Castle Coaching sessions are a zone for your ego to grow – in a healthy way.

Individual needs should be met and too often go neglected. We’re often imbued with the idea that thinking of our self is selfish and bad. No! No!! No!!!
Prioritising your needs is an absolute necessity to forming a centred, fulfilled personality, for self acceptance. Using psychology and experience across many areas of life I’ll assist you in achieving a balanced outlook and approach to life as we sail through limiting beliefs at your pace.

Let’s Go!

What time is it? The time is now.

Whether you want coaching for personal reasons, professional, or both, we’ll start with a free 30 minute consultation and establish what you wish to achieve from our work together.
From there, I will outline how future sessions will progress. We will formulate a structured plan of attack focusing on your needs so you can evolve, emerging with more freedom on your life journey.

Remember, temporary solutions are easy. Permanent solutions are not.
The major difference between them is your dedication and a willingness to adapt. You will find solutions when they are coupled with patience and time.
I’ll be your life coach now, so you can lead yourself in the future.

Ultimately, success and happiness spread, and it is my aim that clients can lead someone else in the future and help towards creating a better society.

Suffering arises from trying to control the uncontrollable

+ Epictetus

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