The Castle Coach

Fionn Grant the life coach and personal development coach for Castle Coaching
Life experience is a key element of Castle Coaching, allowing me to help you reach into your potential and claim your rewards. Travel through many countries has gifted me with insight into different ways of life which helps my clients to achieve their goals.

I’ve studied psychology to Masters level, and incorporate the most important psychology studies and findings.
Castle Coaching draws heavily from philosophy, logic and reason along with established psychological practices such as CBT.
Life coaching is tailored to your goals and your personality. Reaching new levels of self mastery is what it’s all about.

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Why Castle Life Coaching?

No matter where you’re at personally, the core of Castle Coaching is about unleashing your confidence, powering up your self esteem, and establishing self acceptance no matter where they’re at now.
With real, lasting solutions.
To go with a strict zero bullshit approach.

Helping you to ditch limitations and evolve as a person is what I am passionate about.

A starting concept is to imagine your mind as a castle, personal to you, and honestly assess how it is right now:

  • How are your boundaries? Sturdy? Or weak?
  • What is your inner dialogue like? Kind? Or overly critical?
  • Do you feel in charge? Are people & beliefs trying to sack the castle?
  • What are the castle laws? Are they serving you well or causing harm?
  • Is there laughter in the castle? Or a sense of doom?
  • Are you at war? With your self or others?
  • Are you independent, sovereign? Can you protect your interests?

Even how you envision your metaphorical castle will hold some surprising revelations about how you see your self and others.

Beyond the metaphor, life coaching with Castle Coaching is laser focused on building your confidence and helping you to achieve and push far beyond where you are.

Confidence is built by you.
I’m not here to take any credit. Life coaching is about your dedication to a stronger, refined version of your self.
And there’s a reason confidence is said to be built – because it is a process. Confidence isn’t a switch, it’s a dial. Supreme confidence develops. It’s a process.

My role as life coach is to accelerate that process so you experience a better future sooner, by utilising my knowledge and studies of psychology, philosophy, cultural insights, and life experience.
Without judgement.

To Seek Life Coaching Is Courageous

Too few seek to improve their life.
Personal development coach, life coach, guide, mentor – whatever the description, coaching is about your evolution as a person.
In essence, at its centre, is the role of guidance which has eroded with modernity.

Whatever the reason – personal or professional – I’m here as your Castle Coach to actualise your potential and purpose in life, working alongside you to unlock vast reserves of ability.
The best news is you already have the raw materials you need.

There’s No ‘You’ In Team

And there doesn’t need to be.
We will work as a team, but compromising and sacrificing one’s self is for a separate realm of coaching with different values. Teamwork is good in some areas of life – but not necessarily in the land of personal development and transformation.

Castle Coaching sessions are a zone for your ego to grow – in a healthy way.

The ‘Personal’ in Personal Development

Individual needs should be met and too often go neglected. We’re often imbued with the idea that thinking of our self is selfish and bad. No! No!! No!!!
Prioritising your needs is an absolute necessity to forming a centred, fulfilled personality, for self acceptance.
Using principles of psychology and my experience across many areas of life I’ll assist you in achieving a balanced outlook and approach to life as we sail through limiting beliefs at your pace.

Let’s Go!

What time is it? The time is now.

Whether you want a life coach for personal reasons, professional, or both, we’ll start with a free 30 minute consultation and establish what you wish to achieve from our work together.

From there, I will outline how future sessions will progress. We formulate a structured plan of attack focusing on your needs so you can evolve, emerging with more freedom on your life journey and confident in taking your next steps.
And if Zoom isn’t to your liking how about Walk & Talk coaching in Scotland?

I’ll be your life coach now, so you can lead yourself in the future.
Ultimately, success and happiness spread and my aim is that clients can lead someone else in the future and help towards creating a better society.

Suffering arises from trying to control the uncontrollable

+ Epictetus

All communications are confidential