The Castle Coaching Mindset: Castle as a Metaphor PART 2


No Game of Thrones

Reading Part 1 is useful to understand the overall idea

A castle needs some one to run it.
Let’s continue with the concept of ruling your mind, your castle.

Who owns your mind? You do. Your body is also yours. You are on the throne in your castle, or at least should be.
Nobody else should be anywhere near your throne. Beyond basic survival, one of the aims of life should be to prevent any one from stealing your throne, let alone dominate or severely impede rule*. Your throne is your unique personality and entity housed in that flesh suit you wear.

However – as we will get into later – remember this: you can be on your throne, yet be a puppet to the will of other people. A very dangerous position to be in which can only have bad consequences, to be avoided as much as possible.

I don’t say if possible, because as we grow up we are ruled by others. We have to learn to adopt to our environment. No one has independence from the beginning. We earn it through our actions, by proving we can survive without direct support. It is impossible not to be influenced for good, for bad or indifferent by our primary caregiver(s) and extended social circle. We are also undeniably influenced by meta-influences such as media.

Ruling your throne is not about (unhealthy) ego, grandeur, royalty, or vanity. It is about your stability, your integrity, what influences you, what is unable to do so, what you stand for (and sit for), what you tolerate and what you do not. Your very core should look to evolve into one that is unwavering, so no matter what, the thoughts (real or hypothesised) and actions of negative influences become irrelevant in terms of deciding your path in life and decisions made.

Own your throne. Rule your mind. Because if you don’t, someone will.

Castle life coaching addresses weaknesses in your boundaries, as well as assessing the strengths. Essentially, strengthening your boundaries is a structural assessment of your current mindset to see if your castle passes the inspection: which will then form guidance strategies on how to go about reducing negative influences and improve your quality of living.

*I understand some of these ideas may seem self centred – they are. But the life coaching concepts and references are not about becoming a dictatorial regime that manifests as an outward behaviour in which every one must obey you and the world is your toy. At the foundation is this concept: if you are secure in your castle, you won’t give a shit about stuff that doesn’t matter and you’ll be happier, and happiness is contagious.

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