The Castle Coaching Mindset: Castle as a Metaphor PART 6


Diet Like a King/Queen

Food for Thought

Reading Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4, and Part 5 is useful to understand the overall idea

Like water, food is necessary for survival. Within your sovereignty, within your castle, you need to maintain a steady supply of energy so you can give your self the best chance to rule optimally.

Be good to your self. How you feed your self and provide nutrition speaks of your self evaluation. Those who reign in their castle as the devouring, lazy despot chomping through chicken legs and grapes have lost respect for themselves in some way. Banquet’s are rare celebrations, not routine.
Those who are kind to themselves and provide balanced nutritious foods as a regular part of their existence show a sound respect of the self, provided food is readily sourced.

And there are those who treat food as an enemy, to be consumed only through necessity, the kitchen mentally locked and only approached with anxiety, eating an onerous chore with little joy and thoughts of disgust at the more extreme end.

I previously mentioned that the inner world is the most important and dictates the outer. And although food is external initially, it becomes an inner element. Any one prepared to make consistent bad choices in this area can exhibit signs of happiness and stability, but are lacking discipline and have been too used to instant gratification. Body and mind is a simple saying but says a lot with little: they are part of the same structure and neither should be neglected.
Poor discipline and an inability thus far to delay gratification, will create an exterior that people may not be proud of and through cognitive dissonance and ill formed ideals may con themselves into thinking that all is OK.

Be wary of over-reliance* on outside help for your food supplies which may hinder your development, while leaving you in a state of dependence. And if you’re not having much if any input on the food supply, then it’s time to assess what you eat. Maybe you’re well balanced, but if not there may be oversupply, or simply supply of the wrong types of foods. Your diet is a critical element of feeling good.

The inner dictates the inner world, and life satisfaction, but also establishes the exterior. Beyond genetics, we have the power to influence our outer appearance, how our castle looks. And there is no point in blaming any one else if you’re not satisfied.

Well, Well, Well: Drink

Water is essential to life. Much more than three days without it and you can hear death approaching.
But as with anything, if you’re used to a ready supply it doesn’t even occur to you not to have it.

A traditional Scottish castle would have its own water supply in the form of a well, perhaps in the courtyard. In the meta-castle the well is not needed for survival of course, but it is a useful concept in terms of your current mindset.

Be careful to spot when the water is poisoned with toxic elements of your life. The longer you keep drinking it, the sicker you get. There may be few obvious external manifestations but look closer and be patient if necessary.

Without your own clean supply of water, of energising ideas and thoughts, how can you repel attacks? How can you go on raids to conquer new challenges? You need inner strength to do those, a pool to draw from. Outer strength is another conversation, but inner strength of mind and character is the root of all achievements. Nobody built a strong body with a weak mind.

When you find the water tastes stale, reassess your state. Something, somewhere is out of kilter and wants your attention, because it needs to be resolved. Don’t push troubles away. Or ignore them. Don’t drop the bucket in without the rope, because eventually you’re going to have to go down into the damp, dark, depths and get it, when you could have addressed an issue directly instead and saved your self the effort and sacrifice.

In life, be honest, but don’t be punishing. Life coaching is proactive and aims to help you in your quests, based on who you are and where you want to go. Drink well, eat heartily, be grateful, and you give your self a foundational element on your journey towards a tougher you.

*Working with and being social with others is a key element to being human. With personal development it can seem that to be totally self involved is the way, to be independent totally, to be fully self sufficient. While those are admirable aims, they are to deny being part of civilisation and any obsession with doing things on our own, without help, without influence of others is not what Castle Coaching is about.
Drawing from your own resources is great, to continue to do so over long periods of time is an energy suck.
Don’t forget the balance in the equation: without others our existence becomes relatively meaningless and even for the most hermit-like person, lack of human contact is a slow death.

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