The Castle Coaching Mindset: Castle as a Metaphor PART 9


Within the Castle Walls

Your Inner Environment

Reading Part 1 Part 8 is useful to understand the overall idea

How you treat your self is reflected in the warmth of your castle interior, your mind. Cold and damp is something we may endure from time to time but that is not what a strong castle represents.

A strong castle can appear cold and uninviting, sure, perhaps not ideal, but the outer appearance is far less important than the interior.
The ideal interior should be a relaxed atmosphere of self-acceptance, of reflection, a place where you can sit in front of a crackling, roaring fire and relax when needed, somewhere that allows you to realise your true personality without judgement.
To begin with, the indoors of your castle may well be a place to allow a judgement of your self, but in an amiable way that is constructive and not unduly harsh.

There are enough people on the planet who will judge you without even knowing you, that to fill that role yourself is truly a tragic part to play. We are all judgemental of ourselves until we think not to be, and it is a process, not a set destination, indefinable on a map of the self.

Ensure the heating is warm enough that each room you enter is a pleasant temperature for you: there are no bills or payments in your meta-castle. And open a window now and again for fresh air (if you have windows. I really hope you have some windows).

How you treat your self speaks volumes about your estimation of your own worth and dictates how you will treat others. Your castles interior should reflect your personality, and if you wish to extend the idea, you can create a virtual place of safety and peacefulness through visualisation, so that the castle of your imagination is a place you can visit to collect your thoughts, to think on life, to assess your emotions and mood.

A Natural Connection

Nature is necessary for a healthy mind, to see greenery is a proven mental health benefit. To have a garden or something similar within your territory of rule is a recommendation not a prescription.
A space for connecting with the natural world is something many are lacking. You lose the connection to your food and where it came from, to the very place you inhabit, to senses, to animals and wildlife which add a vibrant and essential dimension to our environment, providing a very real representation of a life outside of your own. It is both humbling and empowering.

Connecting with nature isn’t some flowery hippie-dippy notion. It’s a very real element of human existence, it’s about as real as it gets.
It’s looking beyond the self to see that we’re not as special as we (sometimes/often) think we are.
Recently, I awoke in the morning and pulled the blind up then lay back in bed. A starling alighted on the guttering, looking in at me, the sun illuminating its feathers. I was able to appreciate the beauty of that moment by appreciating it as it happened.
A quote from Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon illustrates this way to ‘think’, of appreciating the simple, so that you may fully appreciate the complex. He is admonishing a pupil for thinking instead of feeling:

“Don’t think, feeeeel.
It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”

The nature at your castle can represent and contain whatever you wish. If you have no want for any greenery then perhaps that indicates a need to connect with nature that you’re unaware of. People who live in cities with little experience of animals often have a disconnected perspective through no fault of their own. Not in a woo woo tree-hugging way, but in an understanding of the whole beyond the individual parts of life. City living in particular can exacerbate the disconnect between living and life.

Castle life coaching is about helping you to pull down the curtain that others installed, to reveal the illusions that people have used to try and limit you whether intentional or not. Illusions often then become internalised and part of who we think of ourselves as. Accepting the labels of others is a dangerous act against the self.
The inner work area of life coaching is about instilling your confidence, boosting your self esteem and powering up your self acceptance. The happiness of your future depends on it.
Once you have those three facets firing freely, you’ll be able to spit in the face of the past, it’s only function will be to serve as a bank of lessons.

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