Influence and Control

Self Mastery Suffering arises from trying to control the uncontrollable – Epictetus And he should know, having been a slave.He was Turkish born and latterly known as one of the most famous Stoic Greek philosophers, living to a grand old age, from around 050AD to 135AD. Given the current Covid situation the idea of controlContinue reading “Influence and Control”

Evaluating Family and Friends

Cut Them Off? Who’s allowed in your castle? There are plenty of examples from nature that show not just an inclination, but rejuvenation and change as a way of life. Snakes change skin when they shed, which is really a shedding of the old upper surface skin layer. Spiders also malt, that’s why you findContinue reading “Evaluating Family and Friends”

Mind Control

Vampires and Allowing Thoughts No one is more hated, than he who speaks the truth – Plato I think a good addition to the great thinkers words would also be: No one will be more courageous, than he who thinks the truth – Not Plato Within the sphere of self mastery, let’s get into thinking,Continue reading “Mind Control”

Automatic Electronic Habit

Screen Time Awareness This is a hot topic for a reason, white hot and getting hotter, while also a quicker read than the usual articles. Click. Tap. Why? Click. Tap. Scroll. Why?? Before you waste more time looking at a screen, ask your self if your actions are of a necessity for something.Or if theyContinue reading “Automatic Electronic Habit”

Life Coaching: Motivation Is a Visitor

A river flows at different speeds Are you feeling motivated?* And check with your self: what does the word motivated mean to you? The thing with motivation is that it comes and goes, regardless of what you need it for.Don’t let people fool you into believing that they’re bad at maths and 110% super motivatedContinue reading “Life Coaching: Motivation Is a Visitor”

You Have Time (More Than You Think)

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time Leo Tolstoy Tolstoy* compresses the fable of the tortoise and hare beautifully. No matter what, patience is a virtue and will get you where you want to go. If you feel that time is zipping by, that your days are fading with alarming quickness and monthsContinue reading “You Have Time (More Than You Think)”

Taking Off the ‘t’

Can Do Mindset When you catch yourself thinking I can’t… adjust your course. Of course, it might be true: but if you don’t even question the validity of the thought I can’t… then you lose the chance to perhaps can. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)* is the cheap therapy of choice in the UK. It soundsContinue reading “Taking Off the ‘t’”

The Value of Self Investment

The Main Stock You Should Invest In Is You Future returns are not something the human mind can generally comprehend well. As a life coach, what is written below is going to seem totally self-promotional and salesy.But investing in your personal development is the most sensible investment you can make: beyond the lower sections ofContinue reading “The Value of Self Investment”

Absolute Luck

At the Border of Chance Are you patriotic? Do you feel pride when you think of where you grew up? Of where you were born? Here’s a shot of reality, something to consider anyway: Don’t be too proud of an event that was entirely random and outwith your control. Simultaneously, do not question the whyContinue reading “Absolute Luck”

Ego and Self Improvement

Regulate to Celebrate At its most basic, to be egotistical is to disregard outside influence or possibilities. So there’s rarely opportunity for self examination to question the self and whether the ego is rooted in reality or not. By nature, the egotist is less likely to seek any help or external opinion, because it mightContinue reading “Ego and Self Improvement”