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What are you waiting for? I offer a free no obligation 30 minute booking to all new clients. To book your life coach simply click on the calendar below.

Castle coaching sessions

One Session

One session is 60 minutes
£55 per hour

Payments by bank transfer or Paypal

10 Block Session

Ten sessions combine for 10 hours of coaching

5 Block Session

Five sessions combine for 5 hours of coaching

Walk & Talk Coaching

The same booking fees apply.
The health benefits of walking together with life coaching.
We can meet at a location that suits you in or near Edinburgh and go from there.
Some people find walking a cathartic process, and what a great way to combine that with life coaching sessions.


Exceptional coach, with integrity, providing great tips and with an eye of understanding the context while at the same time having an overview. He is very knowledgeable and educated in this field as well has a broad understanding of people’s minds and souls. Needless to mention he has a talent for words, expressions and deep analysis.

U. Gabrielse

To the point, Finn brought a lot of knowledge to each session and was able to get me past some sticking points.
I really recommend him and his coaching style made me feel comfortable enough to test new grounds.

M. Shanaghey