Do You Have It?

The Energy To Change This is for those who want to make a move towards personal development and life change but feel stuck.A note: if you find this de-motivational at all you’ve misinterpreted the message. Change requires energy. If you want to change a situation or way of thinking it takes energy to alter it,Continue reading “Do You Have It?”

The One

A Cultural Obsession Culturally we are obsessed with ‘the one’. The entire Matrix film series is devoted to the narrative of there being a singular saviour in the character Neo.Any time there is an overarching idea that there is only one person who can do… X – that’s a very dangerous and unenviable position toContinue reading “The One”

Mind Control

Vampires and Allowing Thoughts No one is more hated, than he who speaks the truth – Plato I think a good addition to the great thinkers words would also be: No one will be more courageous, than he who thinks the truth – Not Plato Within the sphere of self mastery, let’s get into thinking,Continue reading “Mind Control”

Taking Off the ‘t’

Can Do Mindset When you catch yourself thinking I can’t… adjust your course. Of course, it might be true: but if you don’t even question the validity of the thought I can’t… then you lose the chance to perhaps can. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)* is the cheap therapy of choice in the UK. It soundsContinue reading “Taking Off the ‘t’”