Family Dynamics and Worth

Family. Where would we be without one? In a foster home. I make a light-hearted stab here to take the edge off a hard hitting subject. For some the idea of looking into family dynamics is unfathomable, and others easily deride people who mention hardships from family situations: the totally useless just get over itContinue reading “Family Dynamics and Worth”

Have You Been Set Up to be A Narcissists Servant?

Identifying Emotional Abuse and PTSD There is a lot of discussion about narcissism, gas lighting and emotional abuse in recent times which is fantastic as these topics really need more airtime while also saddening in that they are so common.Check out the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) studies for the damaging effects and how to preventContinue reading “Have You Been Set Up to be A Narcissists Servant?”

Stress Less

Breathe More Have you ever felt stressed? If you’re alive (a prerequisite to reading words) then I’m going to assume yes. And therefore you’ve definitely been stressed before. In fact, the word itself is a highly useful tool for people because it allows us to define what stress is and what stress isn’t, so weContinue reading “Stress Less”

What to Know About Life Coaching

What Life Coaching Is and Isn’t The phrase life coach is relatively new to the modern lexicon and what a life coach does is not immediately obvious…unless you’re a life coach, and even then, there’s disagreement! Let’s look at the good and the bad, what life coaching is and isn’t. I give you the insideContinue reading “What to Know About Life Coaching”

Towards Daily Courage

Different Types of Courage What is your definition of courage, what does it mean to you?Do you have enough of it? I know I don’t, not yet. I encourage you to consider what courage actually is beyond the images and concepts that we’re offered by the media.* Whatever you have established as courageousness let’s lookContinue reading “Towards Daily Courage”

Texting is a Bad Communication Option

Society in Decline Text messaging via mobile has been available to the masses since 1993 when Nokia made it a feature of their phones: enter T9 and QWERTY and stuff like this 🙂 😀 . Texting has broken away from messages sent through network providers and migrated onto other platforms from Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn toContinue reading “Texting is a Bad Communication Option”

Be Less Available

It’s Your Time, Your Choice Available. Online. Away. Busy. Irrelevant. Do you worry about an email you haven’t responded to? Or a text that is supposedly ‘begging’ for a reply? Following on from covering tech addiction, the next logical step is to look at our availability. If you’re available all the time, you’ve lost yourContinue reading “Be Less Available”

Any Spare Change?

Transformation From transformational life coaching, mentoring and on to more concentrated therapeutic settings, there’s one thing that unites them: change. Clients approach those services from a want to change something(s) in their life to make it better. Which is an outstanding move, because as a percentage of the human population they are the outliers, theContinue reading “Any Spare Change?”

Influence and Control

Self Mastery Suffering arises from trying to control the uncontrollable – Epictetus And he should know, having been a slave.He was Turkish born and latterly known as one of the most famous Stoic Greek philosophers, living to a grand old age, from around 050AD to 135AD. Given the current Covid situation the idea of controlContinue reading “Influence and Control”

Evaluating Family and Friends

Cut Them Off? Who’s allowed in your castle? There are plenty of examples from nature that show not just an inclination, but rejuvenation and change as a way of life. Snakes change skin when they shed, which is really a shedding of the old upper surface skin layer. Spiders also malt, that’s why you findContinue reading “Evaluating Family and Friends”