Do You Have It?

The Energy To Change This is for those who want to make a move towards personal development and life change but feel stuck.A note: if you find this de-motivational at all you’ve misinterpreted the message. Change requires energy. If you want to change a situation or way of thinking it takes energy to alter it,Continue reading “Do You Have It?”

Towards Daily Courage

Different Types of Courage What is your definition of courage, what does it mean to you?Do you have enough of it? I know I don’t, not yet. I encourage you to consider what courage actually is beyond the images and concepts that we’re offered by the media.* Whatever you have established as courageousness let’s lookContinue reading “Towards Daily Courage”

The Castle Coaching Mindset: Castle as a Metaphor PART 9

Within the Castle Walls Your Inner Environment Reading Part 1 Part 8 is useful to understand the overall idea How you treat your self is reflected in the warmth of your castle interior, your mind. Cold and damp is something we may endure from time to time but that is not what a strong castle represents. AContinue reading “The Castle Coaching Mindset: Castle as a Metaphor PART 9”