Family Dynamics and Worth

Family. Where would we be without one? In a foster home. I make a light-hearted stab here to take the edge off a hard hitting subject. For some the idea of looking into family dynamics is unfathomable, and others easily deride people who mention hardships from family situations: the totally useless just get over itContinue reading “Family Dynamics and Worth”

What to Know About Life Coaching

What Life Coaching Is and Isn’t The phrase life coach is relatively new to the modern lexicon and what a life coach does is not immediately obvious…unless you’re a life coach, and even then, there’s disagreement! Let’s look at the good and the bad, what life coaching is and isn’t. I give you the insideContinue reading “What to Know About Life Coaching”

Do You Have It?

The Energy To Change This is for those who want to make a move towards personal development and life change but feel stuck.A note: if you find this de-motivational at all you’ve misinterpreted the message. Change requires energy. If you want to change a situation or way of thinking it takes energy to alter it,Continue reading “Do You Have It?”

The One

A Cultural Obsession Culturally we are obsessed with ‘the one’. The entire Matrix film series is devoted to the narrative of there being a singular saviour in the character Neo.Any time there is an overarching idea that there is only one person who can do… X – that’s a very dangerous and unenviable position toContinue reading “The One”

Any Spare Change?

Transformation From transformational life coaching, mentoring and on to more concentrated therapeutic settings, there’s one thing that unites them: change. Clients approach those services from a want to change something(s) in their life to make it better. Which is an outstanding move, because as a percentage of the human population they are the outliers, theContinue reading “Any Spare Change?”

Mind Control

Vampires and Allowing Thoughts No one is more hated, than he who speaks the truth – Plato I think a good addition to the great thinkers words would also be: No one will be more courageous, than he who thinks the truth – Not Plato Within the sphere of self mastery, let’s get into thinking,Continue reading “Mind Control”

You Have Time (More Than You Think)

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time Leo Tolstoy Tolstoy* compresses the fable of the tortoise and hare beautifully. No matter what, patience is a virtue and will get you where you want to go. If you feel that time is zipping by, that your days are fading with alarming quickness and monthsContinue reading “You Have Time (More Than You Think)”

Taking Off the ‘t’

Can Do Mindset When you catch yourself thinking I can’t… adjust your course. Of course, it might be true: but if you don’t even question the validity of the thought I can’t… then you lose the chance to perhaps can. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)* is the cheap therapy of choice in the UK. It soundsContinue reading “Taking Off the ‘t’”

The Value of Self Investment

The Main Stock You Should Invest In Is You Future returns are not something the human mind can generally comprehend well. As a life coach, what is written below is going to seem totally self-promotional and salesy.But investing in your personal development is the most sensible investment you can make: beyond the lower sections ofContinue reading “The Value of Self Investment”

Absolute Luck

At the Border of Chance Are you patriotic? Do you feel pride when you think of where you grew up? Of where you were born? Here’s a shot of reality, something to consider anyway: Don’t be too proud of an event that was entirely random and outwith your control. Simultaneously, do not question the whyContinue reading “Absolute Luck”