The Value of Self Investment

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The Main Stock You Should Invest In Is You

Future returns are not something the human mind can generally comprehend well.

As a life coach, what is written below is going to seem totally self-promotional and salesy.
But investing in your personal development is the most sensible investment you can make: beyond the lower sections of the hierarchy of needs (as defined by Maslow).

It is the most wise use of money you could possibly choose. Titans of history past and recent had mentorship as a standard in their lives for many good reasons.
I suggest you become the majority stakeholder and own as many of the shares as possible.

As an example, at the low end, you could invest £500 in a stock. Or save it. Whatever financial avenue you can think of. And continue to work as normal while little changes in you. Maybe you make a return on the £500, maybe even a loss.

Or you can invest £500 in personal development. And that £500 may seem like a sunk cost that you’ll never get back. How the hell can you track the ROI (return on investment)?
But, when that £500 goes towards improving your mindset to the point that you can get a better paying job and give you techniques, lessons and advice that you might never have learnt in your entire life. Well, do you agree that is a wise £500 to invest?

Other People’s Mistakes are Golden

One of the most sagacious, valuable things I’ve ever heard is simple: learn from other people’s mistakes. So you don’t make the mistakes yourself. In fact, this nugget by itself, if applied, has just saved you countless wasted hours, emotional turmoil and saved you money in your future endeavours.

Now, not everything in life is so easily defined or relayed.
Take the nuances of relationships; they are typically something we have to learn about through personal trial and error.
But as with so many things, we can avoid repeating historical mistakes by being aware of them and deciding to take the lesson from them.
Even for something as personal as a relationship we can witness the good partnerships we see and understand how and why they work, and we can take from the bad too, and avoid the erroneous choices made by others there.

Away From Short Termism

Given that a lack of water for three days is nearly enough to kill us, it shouldn’t be a surprise that short termism is endemic in the human psyche.
If we don’t survive, there is no future. But without a future, there’s no need to survive, what’s the imperative? Without getting too sickly woo woo, we only have the present, the now.

For anything that has evolved which has a short life span, the driver of their activity is reproduction, it is food and it is drink and it is shelter. It is the most basic needs.

Even if it was an option, a worms longevity dictates that it doesn’t need a fixed term ISA.
But if you gave lions a time-release fridge that dispenses ready to eat gazelles I’m certain their minds would become occupied by different thoughts, more complex ones, as they have freed up time to do so.

There’s a reason pensions are considered dull, rarely a topic of discussion among friends; why wills are written in later life; why the young tend to spend frivolously. Are you living for today or tomorrow? Do you invest in an ice cream or jam?

There’s a reason big businesses are concerned with quarterly profits, and smaller ones with weekly profits or even daily. There’s a reason irresponsible governments (increasingly run by big businesses and nefarious controllers) rarely want to invest in future projects. There’s a reason why for all of the above examples. Tomorrow is not here yet.

It takes a paradigm shift to go from an infantile and immature desire for instant gratification* to the patience needed for longer term rewards.

Not every technically defined adult (18 in the UK) is past the stages referenced by Sigmund Freud – and other phases yet to be identified.

Take Stock: Sooner is Better

If I had had coaching that was relevant to me, five years ago, I would be more successful by my own measure than I am now.

Had I had it ten years ago, I cannot really quantify how different and better the quality of my life would be.

Relating to that, there’s a reason why in the (not too distant past) gatekeepers were reluctant to create a fully literate society. Because people were terrified of sharing their knowledge. If you were literate and dozens weren’t you had an incredible advantage over others in employment and life opportunities.
Without the ability to comprehend written language a person is at such a major handicap it’s a quantum leap backwards.
And some people want to make sure that others do not have access to valuable information because they’re terrified of competitors, imagined or real, which tells me they are insecure and uncertain of their own abilities, perhaps justifiably so.

The one thing I’d like to change about life coaching and personal development is the misconception that it is for the weak, the lesser person, the person who is lacking, when in fact it is the exact opposite in reality.
The stubborn people with rigid fixed thinking styles closed to new information and knowledge stay in school. High school. Mentally.
They’re still there. Which is tragic.

Every person I have met or know of who do not explore their own psyche with the aim to improve their joy of life are too egotistical to accept they have an area they can improve on. It’s a damned shame, not just for them, but for society also.
They see therapy or life coaching as highlighting that they are deficient and therefore less superior. That’s not the case, but appreciating we can learn more is a tough thing for many to admit.

To avoid change for your betterment through personal development… It’s like having a lack of iron, and refusing to take iron supplements.

I’m not sure what anyone is waiting for.
Take control of your boardroom. Sack anyone that isn’t helping you. Kick anyone out that shouldn’t be there. There should be constant insider trading, in the form of changing and developing your knowledge and skills. Own every share possible. And go from there.

If your own personality and ideas are being crushed by the voices of others, whether real or ones you’ve imagined in dialogues with yourself, then there’s serious work to do to establish your dominance of your mind-space, of your inner sanctum of your inner world.
It’s the one refuge we should have if and when the world around us seems out of control and is losing it’s collective shit.

Multiple stock ownership of your identity is something to avoid and with experience to be eliminated until you are balanced and in charge of your self totally.

Your stock will never reach a stock exchange. The mind, the stock, is yours and yours only. You decide how to proceed. Don’t waste it. Use it wisely.

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*Coincidentally, there’s some robust research that suggests impulsiveness and behaviour in regards to gratification has a major impact on life expectancy.